Welcome! This is the journal where you can leave questions about the TVXQ LiveJournal project, which [info]brainlaxx and [info]pinkfluffies are both writing. This post is where you can leave us a direct question/comment, such as if the link is messed up or when the next post will be put up.  Every post that we leave in their "journals", we post a link here as well.  So if you have any questions regarding a post or a comment, you can leave it here on the post/comment you mean or contact one of us @ dbskeljay@gmail.com.

The TVXQ LiveJournal writing project is a collaborative fiction, in which each member of TVXQ has a LiveJournal account. They are not a band- they are five real friends using LiveJournal to communicate and post their day's events. They live life as we do, as regular people. The story is told through their posts and comments.


Changmin: [info]minthewise
Jaejoong:  [info]pradaholic
Yoochun:  [info]mickypoo
Yunho:  [info]moobyman
Junsu:  [info]beanyjelly


PLEASE DO NOT FRIEND THE JOURNALS.  Join this community for updates on their journals.  It makes a mess and we can't have random people on their friends lists.

If you want to comment on one of the posts in the journals above, there will be posts in this community with a link to the original post, and you leave your comment there.



brainlaxx  and pinkfluffiesdid not create any sort of plot, we are just making up their stories as we go along. Please do not friend or comment on the TVXQ Journals. That's what this one is for.

 Entries of each member can be found under the Tags page.

We post with dbskproject, but since it's an empty journal, you don't need to friend it.  You can friend this one for updates.

We are not TVXQ, we do not own TVXQ.  This is a writing project.  Thank you :)